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Animated Emerald :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 5 1 Hydraulic 2017 :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 0 0 Yet Another Shield :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 0 3 Psycho Revamp :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 1 4 Hammer Revamp 2017 :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 5 3 Some Stuff :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 2 0 A Creature :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 1 5 A Shield :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 2 5 An Image :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 2 0 3/4 Redesigns and A New Character :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 1 5 Lamp Post, Anvil, and Mug :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 4 9 Minotaur Attempt :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 2 3 Water Creature :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 0 3 Emerald Revamp :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 9 19 Hydraulic Revamp :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 1 3 A Machine Spriting Progress Gone Wrong :iconwirethelivingdebris:WireTheLivingDebris 2 3


Sonic Mania Wallpaper Size :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 364 36 Necrozma :iconilona-the-sinister:Ilona-the-Sinister 223 9 ARMS. :icondragonith:Dragonith 479 130 Old School Guzma Battle :icondestro-the-dragon:Destro-the-Dragon 27 0 Delirium :iconsrpelo:SrPelo 1,105 102 #219 Libriatto :iconlocomotive111:locomotive111 77 10 SSB Vegito V2 :iconsonicgoku2:SonicGoku2 22 25 X Adventure poster :icontheredthunderx:TheRedThunderX 2 3 Bebi Goku, Final Form :iconhsvhrt:hsvhrt 587 216 Cooler Revival of F Golden Form V2 :iconmoffett1990:Moffett1990 58 65 Frozen Citadel Zone Mock up :icondanielmania123:DanielMania123 8 4 LSW - Mira Final Form :iconvebills:Vebills 37 4
DJ Collab Entry
This is MY first time posting a video that is in flash. Enjoy ^_^
:icondemelzathenightwolf:DemelzaTheNightwolf 1 0
Primarina :iconfishbowlsoul90:fishbowlsoul90 288 57 JarexTH in color from Sketch :iconxxkaiserknightwolfxx:xXKaiserKnightWolfXx 17 12 That face when :iconcrystalchimera:CrystalChimera 5 4





Animated Emerald
Sorry if it's a little too fast.

Non-animated version: Emerald Revamp by WireTheLivingDebris

Animation sprites of the emerald by :iconisidro54321:
Hydraulic 2017
And still in this day of age, I can't shade nor make decent looking quills.

Besides that, Hydraulics' revamp is supposed to be Poseidon-like. Some images had him (Poseidon) with a lower body of a fish, so I chose that.

Also, I was sick of him being weak compared to the others. And I didn't know what kind of footwear would be good for him, if he had legs.
Sonic sprite by jmkrebs30, BladeSwipe, LucarioShirona, MyPicts, ShadicStudios, and KingAsylus91. Ultimate Sonic TH Sprite Sheet by KingAsylus91

The character sprites are not mine.
Psycho Revamp
I know, the form below looks like he has Super Sonic quills, even when the quills weren't a copy and paste.

Sonic sprite by jmkrebs30, BladeSwipe, LucarioShirona, MyPicts, ShadicStudios, and KingAsylus91. Ultimate Sonic TH Sprite Sheet by KingAsylus91

Silver sprite sheet by Deekman, SupaChao, and LucarioShirona/Hyper-sonicX. Silver Sprite Sheet :UPDATED:

The sprites are not mine.
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I'm bored. So, here's some stuff.

-Lego, at some point, became a hedgehog because I was sick of him being an Eggman with a blue jacket. Also, the sprite looked as if his entire face was covered with hair. I later made him human once again, but I don't know how to sprite human hair, so he is bald (with a bandana on).

-A few years ago, I thought of Psycho taking over as the top hero, but I had no plans for it. Overtime, thanks to Wire, Psycho is on a path to that spot.

-When I would RP or have a crossover with someone (minus the first one(s) I've done), I would try not to insert my characters as stronger than them and would, as far as I can remember, and would be much weaker.

-Wire was not originally supposed to be a hero, but for most of the stories, has been one. But after some time in dA, I lost some passion in spriting and had questioned a lot of the stuff he went through. So, by the end of the DUS, he lost interest in fighting, and isolating himself from others.

-Hammer took over as leader of the PWF because of his position as second in command, and I saw him to be a better leader than Wire.

-I started another story, but got rid of it. In it, Hydraulic was being more of a jerk because I was sick of seeing him as a plumber that didn't do much to help the team, other than by doing his job.
-The alternative universe version of Lego has a Mohawk because of my lack of skill in spriting hair, and I didn't want them both to be bald.

-In the Clocksworth Universe, Sonic & Co., The Chaos Emeralds, and Mobius are long gone because I had no idea how the interactions would work out.

-If I was to take a break from Sonic & Custom Object Sprites, I would be trying DBZ and Pokemon sprites.

-The gods of the Clocksworth Universe were once pokemon fusions gone wrong because I wanted them to stand out from the other characters. That went horrifically.

-Hammer and Mary were supposed to be a couple in the DUS, but I have no idea how romance works or what love is, so they're more like friends.

That's about it. Have a good day, everyone.


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Hi! I'm..... Well, I'll only say my dA name. I'm WireTheLivingDebris, or Wire for short. I try to improve during my free time. I wish to be an amazing spriter/pixel artist, but getting to that level might take years (give or take around 8+ years on dA). But I think I can get there eventually.

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No deviants said Make new Sonic FC's

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I don't know, anymore.


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